Commercial Diving Services

Dredging Services offers professional commercial diving as part of our services.

Certain dredging projects do not allow for the use of dredgers, due to inaccessible or small spaces, thereby making it necessary to make use of professional commercial divers to reach those areas.

Dredging Services offers diver-operated dredging, which is a practical, cost-effective and safe option when dredgers cannot work on a site. Examples of such sites include pipelines, sluice gates, reservoirs, farm dams etc.

Dredging Services’ commercial divers are all trained and accredited, and are therefore capable of working in a wide range of conditions. Our divers can work in low visibility conditions, contaminated water, confined spaces and other challenging environments.

We also specialize in marine civil work, such as concrete casting, slipway refurbishment, harbor repairs, bridge repairs and more. Our diving teams can also perform underwater welding, cutting and repairs.

The Dredging Services commercial diving team is fully qualified to assist with underwater survey work, including underwater photography and underwater videos. We can also assist with probing operations as part of marine surveying work.

We also stock equipment and supplies for commercial diving projects and can offer professional advice regarding which tools and methods would be best for a job.

These services are offered independently, or as part of a larger project.

commercial diving equipment

Overview of Our Services

  • We Offer Specialist Services, Including Underwater Salvage Work, Welding, Cutting, Repairs and Inspections
  • Divers can remove sediment, water plants and assist in dredging work
  • Supply of Diving Equipment
  • Underwater Demolitions and HAZMAT Diving
  • Underwater Photography, Probing and Underwater Survey Work
  • Low or No Visibility Diving
  • Fully-Accredited Diving Teams
commercial diving for small spaces
commercial diving services for diver-operated dredging
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