Dewatering / Sludge Bags

Dredging Services is committed to always use the latest and most cost-­effective green technologies and turn­key solutions in our services to our clients. As part of this initiative, we have introduced de­watering /sludge bags as part of our product and service offerings.

De­watering bags are used to capture unwanted materials such as sludge, dredge spoil and silt, whilst minimising water loss. The dewatering bags allow water to flow out of the bags while keeping all the unwanted materials behind. These materials can then be safely disposed of or used for other purposes, such as composting.

These bags are an environmentally ­friendly solution and is suitable for use in aquaculture, industrial lagoons, sedimentation ponds, and wastewater plants.

Dredging Services can provide customised sizes of dewatering/sludge bags and is the sole distributor in South Africa.

filled sludge bags

Overview of Our Services

  • Bulk Bags 500 L to 1100 L
  • Smaller Tubes for Reclamations
  • Sewage Containment Tubes
  • River Contour Bulk Bags
  • Dredge Spoil Containment and Prevention of Ground Contamination
  • Water Reclamation & Environmental Protection
  • Ground Cover Installations & Tube Preparations, Disposal and Quality Control
Filled sludge bags
Dewatered sludge
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