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Dredging is the most cost effective method of removing sedimentation and other material from dams, ponds, lakes, rivers, sedimentation and oxidation ponds.

We offer a wide range of services, including the cleaning of dams, ponds, lakes, harbours, beaches, mine tailing ponds, ponds with linings and wastewater facilities.We also specialize in designing and constructing custom dredgers, including cutter dredgers, suction dredgers, augur dredgers, and other designs. 

Our company provides a full turnkey service from consultation and planning right through to execution and follow-up assessment. The company’s services are designed to be transparent, consequently involving the client at every step of the dredging process. We have done dredging work for various clients in the public and government sectors, as well as owners and managers of dams, ponds, mine tailing ponds and more in the private sector.

Dredging Services also makes use of excavator dredging, which is ideal for the removal of reeds and root systems, trenching, river cleaning, and general excavator work. Also available is the amphibious excavator, for water projects where ordinary dredgers cannot work due to material, rocks, large stones and other obstructions.

Our team consists of some of the most experienced individuals in the Sub-­Saharan Africa dredging industry, therefore clients are guaranteed top-­rate expertise and results.


Overview of Our Services

  • 24/7 Work if Required by Client
  • Site Inspections & Consultations
  • The Design & Construction of Dredgers, Including Suction, Cutter and Augur Dredgers
  • Comprehensive Project Planning
  • Removal of Sediment, including Mud, Sand, Gravel, Sludge and Aquatic Vegetation
  • Deepening of Harbors and Beach Restorations
  • Cleaning Mine Tailing Ponds, as well as Wastewater Treatment Plant De-Sludging
  • Pre and Post-Dredging Surveys
  • General and Amphibious Excavator Dredging
Pond and dam dredging
Dredging of sediment
Amphibious excavator dredging
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