Small Pond and Dam Cleaning

Dredging Services is the leading provider of small pond and dam cleaning in Africa. This service is provided to assist owners and managers of farm dams, ponds, golf estate dams, and various other small water sources.

We use trailer-mounted pumps and teams of trained cleaners to remove sediment, sludge and any other unwanted material from small ponds and dams where using dredgers, excavators and divers would be too expensive.

It is important for owners of small ponds and dams to have them inspected and cleaned after a period of time. The build-up of material, such as algae, silt or fungi, can become potential health risks and reduce the amount of water that the dam or pond can hold. We can clean any dam or pond, while also reducing water loss by making use of dewatering bags to catch all the pumped sediment and releasing the clean water back into the dam or pond.

Dredging Services provides a complete service, from inspection and consultation, through to the actual cleaning process.

We have 20 years of experience in pond and dam cleaning, therefore our clients are guaranteed a professional and expert service. We offer our services nationally across South Africa, as well as abroad in Africa and beyond.

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Overview of Our Services

  • Our Teams can Dredge 24/7
  • Site Inspections & Consultations to Find the Best Solution
  • Professional Cleaning of Smaller Ponds, Dams, Water Features, Farm Dams, Fish Ponds
  • Our Equipment is Perfect for Removing Mud, Sludge, Gravel, Sand, as well as Other Sediment
  • Quick Set-up & Mobilization
  • Cost-Effective Turnkey Solutions
Removing water vegetation in ponds and dams
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